Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Delilah Black: BBW Star On The Rise

For some time now, I've tended to think of Delilah Black as one of the BBW World's best-kept secrets.  A familiar face, but somehow not getting the notoriety she truly deserved.  But over the last year or so we've been seeing a lot more of her, to the great delight of Big Girl Lovers everywhere.  Delilah's got it all; a rockin' voluptuous body, a beautiful, sexy face, and loads of super-sensual attitude.  This girl obviously loves being in front of the camera, exuding explosive sexual power in shot after shot.  I know you'll love this offering from XLGirls, appropriately titled 'Bad Girl.'  This set just might be the perfect example of the word 'bad's double meaning.  If you take it to mean 'exceptionally good,' you'd be right.  If you take it literally, well....obviously.  Thanks to Delilah Black for this exceptional shoot.  Enjoy.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daddy's Girl: If The Old Man Only Had A Clue!

She calls herself 'Daddy's Girl,' which has become something of a popular moniker among sexy women. But of course, it's deeper meaning suggests that she expects to be spoiled by her men and that there's more than a little bit of the devil in her. Well, in this post we have the pleasure of meeting up with an exquisitely hot little fat girl, and for some reason I just get the feeling that what dear old dad thinks of her might just be pretty low on her list of concerns. It seems far more likely that her hedonistic pursuits in life are much higher on her scale of priorities. I mean, she is cute beyond compare and she's got a sexually charged body that just won't quit. Daddy's Girl has no weaknesses. Her tits are full and create some devastating cleavage in the tight corset she wears in this set. Her legs are perfectly plump, shapely and powerful, and her ass is absolutely sublime. With all that going for her, my guess is that she loves to unleash that ungodly gorgeous body on the boy toys of her choosing. In the end, such lucky lads might well find that it is she who poses the proverbial question 'Who's your Daddy?' through the magnificence of her unrivaled sexuality. 

Daddy's Girl is one of many hot BBW models at Busty Babydolls.Com. Enjoy!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Karlee Adams: BBW With Legs To Die For

The gorgeous and powerful Karlee Adams is one of the BBW Scene's best kept secrets. While not yet a household name, her phenomenal fat body and hot, sexy face will surely be leading her towards increasing notoriety as she continues to display her exceptional big girl charms for the whole world of fat admirers to see. Look out, Boys, because this powerhouse femme has everything it takes to reduce you to mindless rubble faster than you can say; 'Jack Robinson.' So check Karlee out, but do so at your own risk. She might just have the perfect attributes with which to crush your timid little soul into something fit only for the trash bin! Enjoy, and check you pervs later.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simone Fox: BBW Tower of Power

I know I just profiled the extraordinary Simone Fox a few posts back, but this new set from the erotic geniuses over at XLGirls is so completely outta control that there's no way I'm not previewing it for you. On my list of preferred ways to die, being 'sexed' to death by Simone ranks among the top five! Jeezus, I've got it bad for this incomparable big woman. As usual, she's more full-on female than you can comprehend; so perfect in every way, and there are so many ways to go down with Simone Fox. Whether she kisses you to death with her exquisite lips and super-sexy face, smothers you with her enormous, gorgeous breasts, sits on your face with her massive, round ass, or crushes you between the most incomprehensible, shapely, powerful thighs in the known universe, it all adds up to a rough day for any man she manages to lure into her web of bbw delights. So be forewarned! You check out this smokin' set at your own risk. Hope you've got healthy hearts, lads. Laters.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Dors Feline: BBW Kitten with an Attitude. 'Reeaarrrr!!'

Holy Smokes!  Is it just me, or does Dors Feline get hotter every few weeks? This remarkably gorgeous girl exudes such killer sexual prowess and aggression that she could surely reduce the strongest of men to rubble in seconds.  She's got it all, an exquisite face straight out of vintage Hollywood Noir, and her powerhouse body has no weaknesses.  Her tits are beyond compare and her big legs and ass are any fat-chaser's dream come true.  As for me, I love the tats. I think they add volumes to her 'bad girl' allure.  But there's one thing I'm sure of, and that is that this fabulous femme should be approached with extreme caution. She just might have it in her mind to have you for breakfast.  And if so, you can be damned sure she would make short work of you! Remember, you can never tell what a big, beautiful cat may be thinking!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cotton Candi: What BBW Dreams Are Made Of

I've had my eye on this gorgeous hunk o' Woman for some time now, but this awesome set from PlumperPass.Com took me straight to the mat. So, here, in all her voluptuous glory, is Cotton Candi; one of the hottest Big Girls you'll ever lay your eyes upon.  Cotton Candi is a Fat Lover's fantasy made flesh.  And what exquisite flesh it is!  Her body is so massive that at first sight you simply can't believe she's real.  She could make you disappear beneath her enormous mammaries, and her hot, powerful legs-especially in her skyscraper high heels-bring on instant palpitations and flood the soul with unquenchable desire.  She also happens to have a perfect, sexy face.  Way kissable, to be sure. My guess is that Candi is too much woman for any man, but check out this smoldering set to see how our stud de jour makes out.  Till later, y'all stay sexy.


Friday, June 1, 2012

SupaThickMami: Supa-Freaky BBW

You've known her as Leila.  You've known her as Gabriella.  But whatever name she may claim, she'll still be Ms. SupaThick Mami; one of the hottest big girls of all time.  This incredibly smokin' woman exudes pure, raw sexuality at all times, and has an instinctive feel for showing it off that never fails to hit the nail squarely on the head. Her fat, shapely legs could bring any man to his knees, and her big beautiful ass must be seen to be believed.  As a chubby lover with a serious arm fetish, I have to add the Gabriella's arms turn me on as much as anything else about her; so soft, round, strong, and sexy!  So check out her site, boys.  Scout's honor, you won't regret it.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beware The Thunder-Katt

Thunder Katt exists now in a league of her own.  As a veteran of the BBW scene, she brings instant name-recognition to all her sets and layouts, regardless of their point of origin.  Her unique, exquisite face and powerful, voluptuous body are instantly recognizable to Chubby-Lovers the world over. The featured video, which I like to call 'Cowgirl Katt,' gives us a unique perspective on this BBW superstar, and reveals to us the uncompromising attitude and self-confidence of a big woman who could spell doom for any and all of us at any given moment, according to her whim.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Karla Lane: Two In Hand.....

Hi-dee Kids. Just ran across this kick-ass set of Karla Lane whippin' up on two dudes at once. Lucky bastards! But obviously they don't realize that Karla's fat ass and legs are easily capable of killing a man!  She could crush both of these cats out like stale cigarettes any time she feels so inclined. So God help the lads if they get on her bad side!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anna: BBW Sex-Bomb Unleashed!

Hi-Dee, Kids. Meet the deliciously voluptuous Anna in this classic set from (the now unfortunately defunct) Plompers.Com.  I have been so drooling over this girl for some time now, and I'm proud to present her as today's Hottie De Jour.  Anna is so sexy that when you first lay eyes on her all you want to do (well, maybe not all) is throw yourself at her feet in ultimate surrender.  What a body!  Anna is pure, sizzling sexuality from head to toe, and her big beautiful ass and powerful gorgeous legs are guaranteed to fry your brain. She also sports a perfect pair of sumptuous breasts and plump, luscious arms (you guys know how I feel about sexy arms!) that drive me totally chuckle-head. But perhaps most incredible of all is the fact that her complete package of a body is graced by one of the hottest, sexiest faces in all of BBW Land. She is so cute, and that confident, aggressive gaze of hers can turn a man to pure jelly in an instant. So, all that's left to say is; 'Anna, you're perfect, and whatever you do...Stay Fabulous! As for you lads, enjoy Anna's endless array of delights and for God's sake clean up after yourselves. As for Yours Truly, I'm off to the corner pub for a close encounter with bourbon and beer. Oh yes, and lots of good friends. Laters all, and see ya 'round the quad.

This great set brought to you strictly for your prurient pleasure, as the website is, sadly, no longer.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simone Fox: Holy Shit!

Hi-Dee, Lads. I'm totally freakin' out here. If anyone can explain to me how God could create such an incredibly exotic, massively-breasted, thick-legged, psychotically sexual powerhouse as Simone Fox, please stop whatever you're doing and shoot me an answer ASAP before I come utterly and permanently unglued.  Simone rocks with an attitude and a moxie virtually unheard-of in the world of adult models.  And while there may admittedly be a few girls out there with similar body-types, Simone's exquisitely beautiful, sexy, and totally unique face sets her apart from the crowd, and puts her into a class all by herself.  Combined with that devastating body, Simone Fox can only be described as 'The Real Deal.'  I have to admit that, as far as I can remember, this is the first post I've ever done in which I was tempted to simply type the words; 'Holy Shit!,' and leave it at that.  And now that I'm done rambling, I can see that that indeed would have been more than sufficient.  So, my divinely incredible Simone, and begging your forgiveness for my incurable loquacity, here's wishing you lotsa love, and as for the lads, this spread is sure to represent a major league mess on all your parts, so you might wanna break out the cleaning solutions in advance.  Carpet stains that big are sure to draw attention...of the undesirable kind.  See y'all 'round the old quad.