Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aneta Buena & Kora Kryk: Cruisin' The Bay

Aneta Buena is killing me. She's just got that spectacular 'something' that drives me, y'know, stark raving! Street Rat Crazy, as Jack would say. Maybe it's her sultry, sexy attitude, her massive, gorgeous tits, her devastatingly delectable big ass and smokin' thick, shapely legs. Y' think? Whatever it is, it sends me scrambling downstairs to my bar for a hefty shot of calm and fortification every time I look at her. It doesn't help that she's got this whole scintillating lesbian thing goin' on, especially with the likes of Kora Kryk, another quite substantial Polish Hottie who's devilishly easy on the eyes. These two girls together on a '3-hour tour' for the afternoon should provide all the fireworks you lads (and lasses!) will need to sustain yourselves for an hour or two. So remember to shoot for the ceiling, and better luck with BBW Aneta Buena than I've been having. If I don't stop checking her out soon, I'm going to be out of Wild Turkey by morning. Well, at least there's no limit to the cold water! Adios, Kids, and Happy Sails to all until we meet again.

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