Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ambrosia: Ultra-Bombshell Underexposed

It’s a great pleasure to feature the amazing Ambrosia in this post. She is one of my all-time favorites, and a girl I consider to be somewhat of a little-known secret. Ambrosia has had her web site, XtraCurves.Com for some time now as part of the JungleDrop fold, but never seems to get as much web-wide exposure as she deserves. Naturally, I'm here to do something about that. Ambrosia's thick body is an FA's wet-dream come true; so solid, so shapely, and at the same time so bouncy, she can drive you insane. She’s one of those girls that you can’t just casually check out while you're flying over the TGP's. You have to spend a few moments with her. But once you do, be forewarned, because you are about to collapse right into a full-on, uncontrollable, life-consuming obsession; one that takes enormous strength of will to deal with successfully. More than likely, though, you won't even try. You’ll simply surrender yourself to her ample charms and spend the majority of your upcoming days at your online observatory, worshipping Ambrosia’s monster ass and legs. Her face is beautiful, but somewhat of an enigma as well. There is a sort of reserved beauty and power about it, something of a Mona Lisa smile that only makes her all the more provocative and maddeningly sexy. The complete package is devastating.

As far as previews go, I'm sad to say that Jungle Drop (awesome as their models may be) really doesn't give you much to go on. I've shown you far more here than you'll find on Ambrosia's Home/Join page. There is, however, a pretty cool video loop going on that page. Checking out the video link there, you'll also see from the stills that she has done quite a number of must-see video work. Problem is, there are no sample clips. So, I'm going to give you some. A side note on these video samples, however: The link contained herein takes you to what are, so far, the only ones I have been able to find. They’re of relatively poor quality, they load slowly, they stutter during playback; pretty much everything you hate in a video clip. A word of advice: BARE WITH IT! Despite their technical shortcomings, these clips will floor you! No shit. They feature Ambrosia walking through her bedroom, down a hallway, into another room, etc. wearing lingerie and high heels and I’m telling you, you will spray your shorts in seconds when you behold her magical movements. Just hit the good ole refresh button to replay each one, and they do improve by the second or third time through. Once you see them, however, you may be refreshing those pages for SOME TIME! They’re totally HOT. And if anybody knows where to find more video footage of her, please let me know. Yes, Ambrosia is an absolute powder keg of exquisite sexuality looking for a place to detonate. Just don’t be surprised if the explosion you experience is your own!


  1. Fuck i just want her to sit in my lap and i'd nut all over her phat ass every night